Lina Newhouser, CommonDreams Co-Founder, 1951-2008 is an excellent source of progressive, alternative news. I go there often.

I was very saddened to hear that one of the co-founders of CommonDreams, Lina Newhouser passed away Friday evening. A big loss to the progressive community.

At various time throughout her life, Lina Newhouser was involved in organic farming, Code Pink, ACORN, Appalshop (arts education), Transformit and the Cape Elizabeth Arts Commission. In 1980 she worked on the national staff of the Citizens Party, trying to elect Barry Commoner President as a vehicle for starting a third party in the US.

She was the widow of political activist Bert Deleeuw. And, she remarried political activist and CommonDreams Co-Founder Craig Brown.

CommonDreams lists her survivors:

Lina is survived by her husband, Craig Brown; daughters Chloe May DeLeeuw Brown and Moriah Brown, all of Cape Elizabeth; her brother John Newhouser and his wife, Teri of Houston, Texas; her brother Mark Newhouser and his wife Joan MacDonald of Glen Ellen, Calif. And her mothers-in-law Evelyn DeLeeuw of Green Pond, New Jersey; and Ruth Brown of Cape Elizabeth; and many in-laws, nieces and nephews and a wide circle of friends all over the world.

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