Final TRIM hearing 9/20/07

Please help stop the Intermodal Facility (trucking and train hub) proposed for the Brentwood/Deer Park area. 

I strongly urge everyone who breathes air or consumes water in Western Suffolk to not only attend the DOT hearing being held on September 20th, 2007 at the Van Nostrand Theatre, located at the West Campus of Suffolk Community College. The hearing is from 6 to 10 PM, but you can go there to gather info from 4 PM on. You must sign up to speak, and we urge you to do so if you are comfortable, other wise you can fill out forms to comment instead, or hand in a letter. The FINAL DEADLINE for DEIS comments is the 24th of September, so even if you CANNOT attend, we cannot say this enough… SEND IN YOUR LETTER TO LET DOT KNOW THEY SHOULD NOT MAKE WEST SUFFOLK THE TRUCK AND TRAIN HUB FOR ALL OF LI. Poison air, traffic nightmare! WE DONT WANT IT THERE!


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Intermodal Rally in Brentwood Mon 9/10/07

Hello all,

It’s rally time again!  This time in Brentwood, where the 24/7 truck/train/crane diesel-polluting intermodal would actually be built.   Please pass on, post, spread the word!

PLEASE come out and show your solidarity for the people of Brentwood.  Friends of Edgewood Preserve, along with Four Towns Civic Association met over the summer with numerous Brentwood civic groups and concerned citizens to plan this third rally.  It has been a really great experience — so much so that we decided to form the Quality of Life Coalition.  It includes more than a dozen civic groups from Brentwood, Deer Park and Dix Hills.

Our goal is long-term:  we will fight together to make sure that a region of Long Island already under siege due to poor planning — overdevelopment, little open space, bad roads, traffic, noise, pollution, poor and unsafe pedestrian and bicycle paths — will not be ignored any longer!  We will make sure this region’s remaining parcel of open space — the Edgewood Preserve — receives permanent protection!  We will make sure that this important groundwater protection area finally receives the attention it deserves!  Clean drinking water for Suffolk County is at stake here and many who should care about that seem to be ignoring us!  Finally, we will make sure that our children are protected!  Brentwood’s children develop asthma at alarming rates!  We must protect them and children EVERYWHERE from diesel fumes, which cause cancer, asthma and birth defects.  INTERMODALS should not be built near residential areas or wildlife habitats.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist — or even an environmentalist — to figure that one out!  Common sense is all it takes!

Monday, September 10, 5:30pm, Rain or shine.  If it’s raining, bring an umbrella.
Crooked Hill Road and “G” Road, across from Suffolk Community College Campus in Brentwood, NY


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LI Offshore Wind Resurrected?

High Price Tag Kills Jones Beach Offshore Wind Farm

The proposed Jones Beach offshore wind farm won’t get the chance to generate new clean power for Long Island .The project’s high price tag was ultimately the cause of its undoing according to comments from Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) Chairman Kevin Law. FPL Energy LLC’s most recent estimates were almost $700 million for the project. And a report released last month by Pace Global Energy Services LLC estimated the project would cost $811 million.

Cost concerns about the project have been under scrutiny for months and the decision was not unexpected. Thankfully, LIPA made it clear that it is still open to wind power proposals, of both the on- and offshore variety.


Environmental Advocates of New York remains supportive of wind power and the critical role it will play in our energy future. Because energy use is a significant source of air pollution, one way to reduce pollution is by increasing the use of clean and safe energy, such as wind and solar power.

LI Environmental Notice Bulletin 8/29/07


Region 1: Nassau, Suffolk Counties

Facility      Comment Date         Location                            Permits
Nassau County
No Nassau County Completed Apps

Suffolk County
Suffolk Hostels Property Sep 14, 2007 Brookhaven Freshwater Wetlands
Shoreham Electric Generating Facility Sep 28, 2007 Brookhaven Industrial SPDES – Surface Discharge
Savino Property Sep 14, 2007 Brookhaven Tidal Wetlands
Hook Pond Outlet Pipe Sep 14, 2007 East Hampton Freshwater Wetlands

Step It Up Action Alert: No New Coal!

You can help stop mountaintop removal mining

mountaintop removal

President Bush is trying to expand the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining. We’re building a movement to stop him in his tracks.

Take Action

Dear Friends,

We don’t normally send out action alerts like this, but right now something really important is at stake – and we have a unique opportunity to help. Last April 14, thousands of us honored the iconic places in our communities that inspire us to fight global warming. We’re asking you now to take action to save one of the most iconic landscapes in America, the mountains of Appalachia.

Right now, the Bush administration is relentlessly pursuing anti-environmental policies to allow coal companies to continue to bury hundreds of miles of streams in Appalachia under enormous piles of rubble created by mountaintop removal coal mining. This large scale devastation has already buried over 1,000 miles of streams, flattened more than 400 mountains, and driven American citizens from their homes. We need to let the administration and the public know that we won’t stand for this.

Click here to send a letter to the editor of your local paper.
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Wisconsin Green Party endorses The Natural Step

and the Eco-Municipality movement at Summer Gathering/Membership Meeting

The membership of the Wisconsin Green Party passed a resolution endorsing The Natural Step and the Eco-Municipality movement at their Summer Gathering and Membership Meeting held on Saturday at Anathoth Farm in Polk County, Wisconsin.

“The four principals of The Natural Step are right in line with our Ten Key Values,” said Ruth Weill, Co-chair of the Wisconsin Green Party. “The Eco-Municipality movement is closely aligned with the vision that Greens are working towards all over the state.”

Beth Garrett, The Natural Step study group facilitator from Fort Atkinson, Greg David, Green elected Jefferson County Board Supervisor, and Paul Moderacki, Administrator of the Village of Johnson Creek gave a short presentation on Saturday morning to gathering attendees. The membership unanimously passed the resolution of endorsement immediately following the presentation.

Garrett, David and Moderacki gave a second presentation at the Café Wren in Luck Saturday evening to a crowd of more than 60 Greens and Polk County residents.

“This movement is about ensuring that children born seven generations from now have a chance at survival, and a quality life,” said Jeff Peterson, Green elected Polk County Supervisor, and organizer of the event. “We held this event to invite citizens and community leaders to join the statewide effort and to work towards making Polk County sustainable.”

Wisconsin, with eleven communities self-designated as Eco-Municipalities, is a national leader in The Natural Step movement.

The Wisconsin Green Party Gathering was held at Anathoth Community Farm, which is dedicated to sustainable living, alternative energy, and a peaceful planet. The farm is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer. The community, founded by Green Party members Mike Miles and Barb Kass, is home to social activists and homesteaders, composting toilets and solar showers, photovoltaic electric systems and a straw bale home.

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B is for bomb

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