Our full blog roll of friends, community groups, muses, etc.

New website! Friends of Edgewood Preserve

Single-Payer, Universal Healthcare
Long Island Coalition for a National Health Plan

After Downing Street: commentary, progressive new vignettes, impeach Bush






Music: Activist happenings in Easten Suffolk


Music: Folk Music Society of Huntington


The Largest Minority:

Music: Long Island Climate Solutions Network

Music: Report.pdf



Music: Local politics and regional New York politics

Music: anti-folk


Music: WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City. Peace and justice radio.

Music/Radio Station 90.1 FM Community Radio from Stony Brook University

7 Responses

  1. Hi Ian and Kimberly,

    Also, if you can put the Pete Seeger event up on your website under your Events section, that would be great!

    Thank you!

    Cinema Arts Centre

  2. hi. it would be great if you would add a link to Green Change. thanks! marnie

  3. Can you add a link to my site? It is for Green Party candidates and blogs. Thanks.

  4. Great Site. Can you add me also. Thanks

  5. For safer driving…


    Rock on, Ian and Kim

  6. I just found out about your site and I am wondering how I have not heard before.
    I write a website about live music on Long Island. I try to cover all over 30 stuff but I began as a blues lover and am spreading out from there. Any music or arts events are welcome on my calendar. I will create a link to wilderside on my links page as well.
    Bill M

    • Thanks. Maybe We’ll see you at some great LI Music.

      You should contact Gary Schoenberger and Richard deBruin to get on their email lists of LI music. Those lists are always re-posted at our site.


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