A White Person’s Meditation on the Jena 6 Students by Kimberly Wilder, OpEd News, September 28, 2007

Monkey-wrenching with Minnie the Cat
by Kimberly Wilder, Boog City, Issue 3: March 2002

Run, Run for Your Life
by Kimberly & Ian Wilder, Boog City, Issue 3: March 2002

Welcome Back: Making the World Safe for WBAI
by Kimberly Wilder Boog City Issue 2: February 2002

Hey Bush — Sanctify, Sanctify Yourself (PDF)
by Kimberly Wilder, Boog City, Issue 1: January 2002

Ballot Access: Struggle and Opportunities
by Kimberly Wilder, Green Pages, Volume 8: Issue 4

Pat Falk’s Dichotomy, A Review of her “Poetics”
by Ian Wilder, LI Pulse, April 2006

The Streets of Long Island: Chris Castro
by Ian Wilder, LI Pulse, July 2007

Competitive Elections: A Challenge for Spitzer
by Kimberly Wilder & Ian Wilder
OpEd News 1/31/07

What to do with a Democratic Congress?
by Ian Wilder OpEd News, 2/4/07

Improper Left by Ian Wilder

4 Responses

  1. have ya ever thought of having some fun? make music? sing? dance? read Blake….


  2. I’ve done all of that. Life is to be enjoyed. thank you for your concern.



    I hope that Obama will talk about the true cost of oil. People in this country are complaining that oil gasoline costs them $4 per gallon. However, oil costs us much more. I think that the cost to the environment, which can be calculated in dollars…for example the cost to clean-up oil spills, the cost of dirty air and the health problems it causes, the costs of hurricanes like Ike and Katrina, the cost of global warming in general. I hope Obama has his people calculate these real costs and average them into the cost per gallon for gasoline. I would imagine gasoline actually costs the average citizen more like $50 a gallon!

    Just as an addiction to heroin costs much more than the price of the drugs itself, so addiction to oil costs much more than what we pay at the pump.

    What about the cost to our beautiful landscapes; the coastal waters, the pristine Alaskan environment. And what should we do with all of these ridiculous drilling rigs after we have sucked all the oil out of the ground and pumped it up into the atmosphere? What about the cost of removing the drilling machines when they are no longer of use…when all the oil is gone…because one day it will all be gone…that is its nature. Oil is non-renwable. Or do all the fanatical born again christians like Palin not care because they are just hoping for Armageddon soon anyway? The policies of the right wing christians will certainly hurry that along!

    OIL IS FOR DINOSAURS…and if we keep using OIL we will become dinosaurs.

    We need to invest in the energy of the future….in fact solar and wind power are the energies of the present. They already exist! Lets use them more fully and develop a sustainable infrastructure before the religious right (which does not care about the planet anyway) turn Earth into a living hell.

  4. Kimberly… Can you e mail me at trouthooker2. wanted to ask you about a mutual friend, lisa fishbein. i learned tonight that she had died. i just wanted some information i guess. thank you


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