OWS & Brooklyn community reclaim a vacant Bank of America house

Some great photos of the event at someone’s Imgur: here.

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Location: East New York — Vermont Street, Brooklyn (3 train to Pennsylvania, L train to Livonia)

Brooklyn, NY — In a bold new phase for the 99% movement, a vacant home in the center of New York City’s foreclosure crisis is presently being reclaimed today for a local homeless family. Occupy Wall Street, along with local neighbors and community groups, has pledged to stay with the family and defend them from eviction. Continue reading

People’s Trial of Goldman Sachs: Brought to you by Occupy Wall Street and WBAI

Update: This trial and action happened. Protesters chanted “Goldman Sucks”. Chris Hedges and Reverend Billy were arrested as part of the anti-Goldman Sachs demonstration. Story at The Gothamist: here.

Note that this event is just in time to get people thinking about
Bank Transfer Day
on Saturday, November 5th!

WBAI 120 Wall Street 10th Floor: NYC 10005
212 209 2800:

Contact: Berthold Reimers
ows AT wbai DOT org

People’s Trial of Goldman Sachs by Occupy Wall Street:
Live Broadcast on WBAI 99.5 FM
(You can also hear it over the internet at wbai.org)

Cornell West and Chris Hedges to preside at trial, open to public, on Nov. 3 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

NEW YORK — On Thursday November 3, 2011 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, WBAI radio will broadcast the public trial of Goldman Sachs by Occupy Wall Street (OWS) at 99.5 FM. It can also be streamed live at www.wbai.org. Continue reading

Obama has been a disaster for civil liberties

IW:  For civil libertarian “lesser evil” voters — like ant-war lesser evil voters — Obama is the greater evil.

Protecting individual rights and liberties — apart from the right to be tax-free — seems barely relevant to candidates or voters. One man is primarily responsible for the disappearance of civil liberties from the national debate, and he is Barack Obama. While many are reluctant to admit it, Obama has proved a disaster not just for specific civil liberties but the civil liberties cause in the United States.

via President Obama has been a disaster for civil liberties  by Jonathan Turley – Los Angeles Times.

Green Party Calls on WGRZ To Include Congressional Candidate Ian Murphy in the 5/12/11 CD-26 Debate

The Green Party of New York State would like to express its deep disappointment in the exclusion of Congressional candidate Ian Murphy from the upcoming May 12 debate in the 26th Congressional District. The decision to exclude Mr. Murphy denies voters in the district the chance to hear a legitimate candidate with a unique platform, and is an act of censorship on the part of a private station which profits from use of the public airwaves.  Voters have a first amendment right to hear all ballot-status candidates, and WGRZ is a private station on public airwaves which believes it has a right to exclude candidates from a debate.

WGRZ has admitted it is blatantly excluding a ballot-status candidate from a debate because of a personal disagreement between a station employee, Scott Levin, and Mr. Murphy.  The unlikeliness of this happening to Ms. Corwin or Hochul, as Democrats and Republicans, makes it all the more obvious that this is occurring because of Mr. Murphy’s status as a Green Party candidate.   Indeed,Jack Davis, an independent candidate, has also called for Mr. Murphy to be invited to the debate. We urge WGRZ to reinstate Ian Murphy into the May 12 debate as both the right and democratic thing to do.

via Green Party New York.

Wisconsin Would Be The First Domino – We Are All Wisconsinites (via Peace and Justice Online)

Wisconsin Would Be The First Domino - We Are All Wisconsinites The crisis in Wisconsin has the potential to drastically diminish the rights, salaries, and working conditions of Americans throughout the country.  Whether they are public employees, private sector employees, union members, or non-union workers, America’s working families will suffer if the conservative efforts in Wisconsin are successful. Public-sector employees are entitled to collective bargaining rights, as we all are.  This is essential to … Read More

via Peace and Justice Online

Nader in winter…

KW writes: Some of us take a break through the winter. I know, I haven’t done a lot of politics these last, snowy, couple of months. Though, Ralph Nader keeps on working for ballot access. While “votenader.org” is quiet for now, you can still get Nader’s opinions on items such as Egypt, voting rights, and how our country is being run, at nader.org. In addition, Nader is still working on lawsuits he has filed trying to show that the Democratic Party was unjust and unfair, when Nader ran as an independent candidate for President in 2004. As a determined advocate and reformer, Nader is showing the patience and perseverance to expose injustice and change the system. Hope he prevails.

from Ballot Access News
Briefing Schedule Set in Nader Lawsuit Against Democratic National Committee for 2004 Behavior

February 16th, 2011

The Maine Supreme Court has set a briefing schedule in Nader v Maine Democratic Party, et al, case no. washington-county-10-678. This is the tort lawsuit filed in 2009 in which Nader argues that the Democratic National Committee and its allies, in 2004, filed meritless challenges to his ballot access petitions, and engaged in dirty tricks against his circulators. Nader’s brief is due on April 8; the response is due May 27; and the rebuttal is due June 10. The central issue now is whether the lower court should have conducted a trial.

Background in a previous story from Ballot Access News: here

Green Party of Suffolk Celebrates at its Annual Meeting

Green Party of SuffolkThe Green Party of Suffolk invites all enrolled Green Party members to come to their annual membership meeting to celebrate regaining their ballot line.  The meeting will be held on Saturday, March 26, 2011.  It will start at 12pm at the Stony Brook Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 380 Nicolls Road,  E. Setauket.  (Directions)   For more information about the Green Party, or about the March meeting, please contact Suffolk Chair Roger Snyder at (631) 351-5763. Or, go to the web-site: www.gpsuffolk.org.

With 59,929 votes, the Green Party of New York State Governor candidate has surpassed the 50,000 votes mark needed to reclaim the automatic ballot line for the next four years.  To celebrate this victory, Greens Party members are encouraged to donate a symbolic $59 to the Green Party of Suffolk to fund the celebration and kick-start Green Party candidate campaigns.

Regaining the ballot line will make it much easier for Suffolk Green Party members to run for local, state and national office. The last time the Green Party of New York State had an automatic ballot line, we set the national record of running over 100 candidates statewide. And, the Green Party will be on voter registration forms again. The new registration forms mean the Green Party will grow even faster.

Party members are asked to bring their ideas for Green Party candidates and campaigns to the meeting.   Enrollees are encouraged to bring fliers, petitions, and announcements for the literature table. The meeting will also cover housekeeping items such as election of officers, bylaws and raising funds.  Considering the early start of the meeting, please feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Continue reading

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