2011 Suffolk County Election Results (and Nassau County links)

Update 11/22/2011: Rep Croci wins Islip Town Supervisor Race. Story at Long Island Press: here.

At the top are links to official, Long Island election results pages. Then, links to media who will be covering the story. At the bottom, onthewilderside will post our own observations and comments on the election outcomes.

Suffolk County Board of Elections webpage
2011 Suffolk BOE Election Results Link


Nassau County Board of Elections webpage
2011 Nassau BOE Election Results Link


Long Island Press
Election Coverage: here

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OWS and Politics: What should an occupier do on Election Day?

An Occupy image from NYC

Kimberly writes:

My personal suggestion for occupiers on Election Day: Write-in “Occupy”.

Below are links to several interesting opinion pieces on voting and the occupy movement, plus some pull quotes and my own comments. I tried to see if I could find any trends or plans of occupiers to send a message on Election Day USA, Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

My overall impression is:

I have not found any directions on any of the official or quasi-official Occupy Wall Street sites concerning Election Day 2011. There are no candidate endorsements. In fact, I believe that they have not even done the basic level of mentioning on their calendars that November 8th is Election Day.

Neither Occupy Wall Street, nor the main occupy movement nationally, has made a statement of what to do for these 2011 elections. Overall, I think people guess that occupiers will vote or not vote, and choose as they usually do.

I have been among those who like the idea of writing in “occupy” on the ballot. And, where I have floated that idea to the occupy community, it has received some positive consideration. Continue reading

Party Transfer Day 11/8/11

IW:  Everyone knows that 11/5 is Bank Transfer Day.  We should have Party Transfer Day on Election Day 11/8.  On 11/5, depositors should move their money out of the corporate banks and into self-controlled credit unions. On 11/8 voters should move their votes and enrollment out of corporate parties — the Democratic Party and Republican Party — and into parties that are not corporately controlled.  My suggestion would be the Green Party which is the only party that does not take corporate contributions.

If you like this idea, please consider joining the FaceBook Group and spreading the word to your friends! Thanks!

“Party Transfer Day 11/8/2011” at FaceBook: here.

Article: Who are the Occupy Wall Street protesters? (including political breakdown)

There is an article in the NY Times that reveals a Fordham professor’s survey of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. Thanks to Independent Political Report for the story.

Summary of question about political party identification.
Of 301 adults who responded:

39% said they did not identify with any political party
24% said they were Democrats
11% identified as Socialists
11% said they were members of the Green Party
2% said they were Republicans
0% identified as being Tea Party
12% percent say they identified as something else

[Note: The above were the only choices given. The Libertarian Party was not a choice.]

(excerpt from) The Caucus at The NY Times
Occupy Protesters Down on Obama, Survey Finds
by Marjorie Connelly / October 28, 2011, 1:56 pm Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street: Some fakers and confusion

When you start getting attention and winning, of course, the 1% will try to smack you down.

So, far there have been two very bold attempts to co-opt the Occupy Wall Street message: Continue reading

Inaugural Brookhaven Green Party gathering 10/11/11

Green Party of SuffolkOn Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 7pm, the Brookhaven Green Party gathering will feature a speaker on the Brookhaven Recyclebank program. The event will be held at Rio Douro,  800 Horseblock Rd, Farmingville, NY 11738 (631 880-7890). Come hungry! For directions to the Brookhaven Green Party Gathering, contact Marisa Pizza at  516-458-9319.  All gatherings are open to the public.  Continue reading

Suffolk Green Party cand Cesar Malaga (LD 14) on News 12

Vodpod videos no longer available.
This is the News 12 debate with Cesar Malaga, the Green Party candidate running for the 14th legislative District in Suffolk County. He is the only Green Party candidate running on Long Island.

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