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Update on 11/27/2007:

Found more information at Polidoc web-site. Evidently, this will all have to be decided by the election board on December 6th.

Also, Polidoc linked to a detailed article about the man who is trying to “steal” the green line: article from Landmark publication


Update 11/15/2007:

About the challenge to the petitions, a Green Party insider wrote: “There should be no need to fear here, he challenged every candidates petition with a hand written note on lined paper, and has done so several times in the past with no success”

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Illinois Green Party ordeal: 3rd Congressional District, etc.

Since this is an interesting, though tedious story, I decided to make a separate page to follow it. I am guessing that it will mostly be of interest to insiders who understand that with all the privileges and power of electoral politics, there are also challenges. So, while this situation seems so confusing and overwhelming, it is part of the territory.

I trust the Greens in Illinois to deal with their own situation. But, I can’t help wanting to watch from the sidelines, for curiosity, and to learn from another ballot access experience.


I first learned of the situation from the polidoc blog.

The Green Party President 2008 signatures are being challenged by someone who is allegedly a “Green.” Though, polidoc suggested that the person was not a sincere Green. So, I did some research.

It turns out that in the 3rd Congressional District in Illinois, there will be a primary between someone who the Greens in Illinois endorsed, and someone who has non-green views who filed to run on the Green line.

The Sun Times writes: “Jerome Pohlen and Richard Mayers of Berwyn face off in a Green primary for U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski’s 3rd Congressional District seat.” The Greens in Illinois have endorsed Pohlen, and refusted that Richard Mayers should run on the Green line.

Having a “faux candidate”, who does not hold green values, and is clearly just exploiting our name and/or ballot symbol, is an interesting dilemma that Greens in our area have faced in the past. The Greens respect open access to the ballots, and fair competition in a primary. But, our party also has values, and what happens if someone who is pro-war, or white-supremacist, or anti-woman’s choice, etc. tries to run on our line? Do we just wait for the primary? Or, should we try to shut the person out?

The decision is a little harder for us, as the little guys. Because, we know that our primary vote could be so small, a larger party or well-funded source might be able to unfairly interfere. We faced this dilemma in Suffolk County when a Republican/Right to Life judge ran in a Green Primary. We won, but not without using a lot of energy and resources, and not without a lot of nail-biting.

The Peoria Pundit has an excellent article on the current situation. And, you can look for updates and info here. I won’t report on this story on the main blog, because it is somewhat obscure, and a little unpleasant. Also, we don’t usually focus on Illinois.


from the Peoria Pundit
Politics: Matt Hale deciple running for Congress … as a Green?

Posted on November 9th, 2007
By Billy Dennis, Peoria Pundit administrator

It’s happening up in Chicago’s 3rd District. Richard B. Mayers, a member of the Creativity Movement (formerly the World Church of the Creator) is seeking the Green Party nomination. The Chicagoist reports:

Running on the Green ticket gives Mayers a forum for his ideas, however divorced they are from Green values, and he doesn’t have to contend with the hassle of a sophisticated major-party structure that would easily shut him down. (Remember Pat Buchanan’s candidacy on the Reform Party ticket in 2000?) Since Illinois state law requires a primary, it’s unlikely that Mayers will win the nomination given the organizing the Greens have done since Rich Whitney’s gubernatorial campaign. Regardless, Greens will have to work extra hard to get the message out in the 3rd that Jerry Pohlen has the official endorsement of the Green Party, which means diverting already scarce resources from more important races.

It’s even worse than the Chicagoist surmises…

And as the Libertarians know, it’s easy for a party to be tainted by a wacko who gets on your ballot. I still encounter folks who are absolutely convinced the LP is an organization founded to by Lyndon LaRouche, when nothing could be further from the truth. The LP has enough homegrown wackos.

And lest anyone misunderstand: LaRouche was NOT a Libertarian. Mayer is NOT a Green. Both are racist idiots who expose views contrary to beliefs that BOTH Greens and Libertarians hold dear.

2 Responses

  1. […] For ongoing story of the Illinois situation–including the melodrama of the primary in the 3rd Congressional District–please go to this somewhat buried page on our blog: here. […]

  2. HEllo,

    If the Green Party selected their candidates at a convention of members rather than a primary the Greens could place their candidate on the ballot without giving racists a platform. Primary elections will water down the party’s positions as the middle of the road candidate is more likely to win a primary. Or as already pointed out a small party’s primary is easily stolen by a larger party or monied or special interest.

    I hope the Greens come to their senses, reject the corporate party structure and take back their party.

    For a Green future,


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