Military Violence against civilians in Egypt: 12/17/2011 – Link to live video

Sad news: The military in Egypt has attacked protesters. Nine people are dead.

Live Streaming on a global occupy live stream site:

You can help. Watch the live video. Be a witness.
Comment and follow action alert directions.

Link to a story at Vancouver Sun: here.
Protesters are returning to Tahrir Square.

Wikileaks defended by hacktivists

(excerpt from) BBC
Wikileaks defended by hacktivists
Julian Assange Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested by UK police

Internet hacktivists have fired the latest salvo in the Wikileaks infowar.

A group called Anonymous has hit sites that have refused to do business with the controversial whistle-blowing site with a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks…

“We feel that Wikileaks has become more than just about leaking of documents, it has become a war ground, the people vs. the government,” he said…

Anonymous is also helping to create hundreds of mirror sites for Wikileaks, after its US domain name provider withdrew its services. Continue reading

The Revolution is spilling over into the sidewalks…

Last night, Sunday, around 9pm, I saw the beginning of the revolution…

Revolution: Two young men with guitars

Can you see it?…look closer… Continue reading

Can Male Hatters be feminists?: Kimberly’s review of Alice in Wonderland 2010

Can Male Hatters be feminists?

Five things that critics got wrong about Alice in Wonderland,
and one critic who is on the right track.

This piece is actually a critique of the critiques of the movie Alice in Wonderland, book by Lewis Carroll, screenplay by Linda Woolverton, and direction by Tim Burton. Overall, I thought the movie was enjoyable, imaginative and enlightening. I was also surprised to find some moments of heartfelt feminism.

In looking over the reviews of the movie on line, I found a surprising lack of understanding, and some dismissive negativity, about the movie. Much—but not all—of the response was related to the issue of feminism in the film.

Here are five things that most critics got wrong about the Linda Woolverton and Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland: (Note, this piece is heavy on plot-spoilers. Don’t read it if you want to watch the movie and be surprised.)

1.    The litmus test for feminism is not the female star. Continue reading

Steve Earle video: peace and nonviolence

Youtube user Clairedelune is putting up some very powerful videos from the The Poetry Projects’ Annual, New Year’s Day Poetry Marathon. Here is Steve Earle reading a poem about peace. In the next video, Judith  Malina, of Living Theater, reads work from her late husband, Julian Beck…

Continue reading

New Yorkers Inching Toward Revolt

Love that headline! Anyone ready to start planning an independent or third party run for State Senate or State Assembly? The time is ripe! – KW

(excerpt from) Elizabeth Benjamin’s Daily Politics blog at The Daily News
Q Poll: New Yorkers Inching Toward Revolt
August 18, 2009

Today’s Q poll finds a whopping 77 percent of New Yorkers think state government is dysfunctional and the Legislature’s approval rating continues to hover at an all-time low of 18 percent.

Forty-nine percent of poll respondents said almost everyone in the Senate – including their hometown representatives – deserves to be thrown out, while 40 percent said their local lawmaker should be re-election next fall.

The Senate’s overall approval rating is 20-71, compared to 20-67 in June. Continue reading

Next week, Cindy Sheehan will either start a new third party and/or begin the revolution

KW: I have been waiting to see what Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan would do next since November, when she wrapped up her bid for Congress against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Cindy Sheehan ran as an independent. Though, she had a lot of green support, and even speant Election Eve with Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party presidential candidate. There has been speculation that Cindy Sheehan might start her own party, and/or start a new party by combining forces with Cynthia McKinney.

It seems like we will all find out next week what Cindy Sheehan is up to. She is advertising the release of a new eBooklet which promises to reject the two party system. Though, one is left to wonder if that will be with a new third party, an existing third party, or an entire rejection of our voting system.

You can order the eBook here. Cindy Sheehan’s message is below.

“Hope”less in the “Two” Party System
by Cindy Sheehan / Sunday, April 19, 2009

Since November of 2006 when the Democrats regained majorities in both Houses of Congress, I began my gradual awakening to the fact that the “Two”-Party Robber Class political system is a fraud. Continue reading

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