Military Violence against civilians in Egypt: 12/17/2011 – Link to live video

Sad news: The military in Egypt has attacked protesters. Nine people are dead.

Live Streaming on a global occupy live stream site:

You can help. Watch the live video. Be a witness.
Comment and follow action alert directions.

Link to a story at Vancouver Sun: here.
Protesters are returning to Tahrir Square.

Fri. 2/4/2011: Crowds and good spirits in Tahrir Square (and Live Feed)

Live Feeds from Egypt:

KW writes: Not sure how many updates I can give today. So, above is the link again to Common Dreams where they have live feed, including Al-Jazeera.

Some good news of today: Hundreds of thousands of anti-government demonstrators in Tahrir Square. Al-Jazeera also reports that there are many famous Egpytian artists, actors, and musicians who have come to Tahrir Square… Continue reading

Real news and live feed from Egypt

*A Long Island activist, Zabby, suggests calling US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to ask that the US withhold the 1.5 billion to 2 billion dollars in aid that we give Egypt. We are giving Egypt military aid and weapons, and they are using it to oppress people. That is wrong. You can call the Secretary of State’s office at: (202) 647-6607. (Be polite.)

More than a million people in Liberation Square in Egypt!

Update: 9:20am/EST: Two million people in Liberation Square!

Live Feed at Al-Jazeera, via Common Dreams: here.

KW writes: LOL! You would think that the US media would not have to undercount demonstrations in other countries. But, so be it. The AP/Newsday story says this morning, “More than a quarter-million people flooded into the heart of Cairo Tuesday…” Though, Al-Jazeera English says in print that there are “at least a million”, and on the live-feed, someone is reporting that it is near two million.

In addition, someone on Al-Jazeera said that across the country, there are eight million protesters, which means that 10% of all the 80 million Egyptian population are protesting.
Continue reading

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